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What will Pupspace be like?

Pupspace will be the new go-to online community for pups, handlers and our friends, and will be accessible through a website and app.

Feature-wise, it will be a blend of social networking and dating/hookups. Content will include profiles, photos (with nudity allowed in private photos), posts, events, and more. We'll make it easy for you to discover other pups & handlers, message them, see who's nearby, and connect.

Imagine Facebook, Instagram and your favorite hookup app all blended together as a dedicated and safe space for everything pup, away from the prying eyes and prudish rules of more mainstream social media.

About Us

Pupspace has been engineered by pups, and is distributed and supported by Grokio Communities, an industry-leader in niche and fetish online communities with over 300,000 global users.

We are currently hiring for a paid part-time admin position. If you're interested in helping to support the members of Pupspace, along with our other communities, please fill out our admin job application.